Facebook 3D Photo: Download & Create 3D Photo Effect

Initially launched in 2018, the Facebook 3D photos option is being used by millions of people right now. The all-new way of sharing perspective-shifting images has impressed a lot of users around the world. If you’ve been thinking of sharing or viewing 3D photos on Facebook, then you might have to understand a few things about it. While it can be done in just a few steps, many users are still unaware of this feature. It doesn’t matter what type of device you are using to access Facebook; 3d photos work on each of them. Also, you can use your PC’s web browser, iPhone, and Android app to share 3D Facebook photos.

Facebook 3D Photo

You can learn more about the Facebook 3D photo feature on this page. Not only browsers and apps but you can also use VR headsets to experience Facebook 3D photos in a very different way. While the support was very limited a few months back, the most recent Facebook app update brings this feature to almost every smartphone with dual-camera functionality. Remember that there’s no specific Facebook 3D photo app available out there and you just need the official Facebook application. Right now, this feature won’t work with the Facebook Lite app, so you must have the original FB app installed.

How To Make Facebook 3D Photo On Computer, iPhone, & Android

Facebook 3D Photo On Computer:

If you want to share 3D photos on Facebook from a computer device, then you will need two image files; the original image file and a file with a depth map of the main image. Below we have shared the method to create a 3D photo depth map image file for Facebook. Also, you can share a Facebook 3D photo on your feed, in a group, or on a page, too, but you must be an admin or editor of the associated page/group. When you are ready, follow the steps mentioned below to start sharing Facebook 3D photos via a computer or laptop.

  • Open the Facebook website and go to the profile, page, or group where you want to share the 3D photo.
  • Click on the Photo/Video button.
  • Select both image files (the original and one with the depth map).
  • Once done, click on the Post button to share the 3D image.
  • Refer to the video shared below to see how it actually works.
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Facebook 3D Photo On iPhone & Android:

Many Android and iPhone devices might not support Facebook 3D photos, so you can try following the steps mentioned below to see if your device has got this option.

  • Open the official Facebook app.
  • Tap on the What’s On Your Mind? Section.
  • Click the Photo/Video button and select your photo.
  • Tap on Done to begin uploading the image file.
Post Facebook 3D Photo On iPhone Android
  • Once done, click on Effects and in the panel, select 3D.
  • If you want, then you can also write text with the image.
  • Simply click on the Post button to share your 3D image.
Create Facebook 3D Photo On iPhone Android

How To Make Facebook 3D Photo Depth Map

One of the easiest ways to create 3D photos with depth maps on Facebook is by using Facebook’s official app. You can use the Camera option to click new pictures and then select the 3D option while uploading them. In addition, there’s a dedicated app named DepthCam available for iPhone and the same can be used to create 3D photos live.

If you are using Windows, then you can use tools like PhotoShop and Cinema3D to create a depth map of the images. Android users can use the Google Camera App or any other advanced camera application to get things done. You can use the search function to look for a 3D image creator or depth map creator in your respective app stores.

Facebook 3D Photo Maker Online

3D Photo Creator

A lot of websites and online services allows you to create Facebook cover 3D photo. You can also save Facebook 3D photo examples from such sites and use them as a reference while creating your own image. Soon we are going to post some methods to do Facebook 3D photo Android download, so you should keep visiting this page if you want to know about them. Also, you can use any Facebook download website to do Facebook 3D photo download online. Here are some working services to create 3D photos online for Facebook. Once done, you can use the default Facebook reduce 3D photo motion option to adjust their effects.

  • ePhoto360
  • Wofox
  • Easy3DPost

FAQs Related To 3D Photo Facebook

How To Take Facebook 3D Photo?

It is very easy to take a 3D photo on Facebook and you just have to use the latest Facebook mobile app installed on your smartphone. Remember that this feature works only with dual-camera devices because a depth image must be captured by the app to create a 3D perspective. Steps to take this photo are mentioned on this page.

How To Fix Facebook 3D Photo Option Missing?

There can be a couple of reasons why the Facebook Photo 3D option is not showing on your device. If you are using a PC, then make sure you are uploading both the original image and the depth image file. Your depth file map name must include “depth” like “image_name_depth.jpg”. Else it won’t convert to a 3D image.

Why Is Facebook 3D Photo Not Working 2023?

If you are trying to take a 3D photo on Facebook using a camera, then make sure your device has got 2 lenses. Also, this feature works only on the latest version of the Facebook app, so before trying your hands on it, make sure to update your app. If you are using a web browser, then update it to the latest version.

Facebook Not Showing 3D Photo Option In Mobile?

Devices with high-end specs are more likely to have this feature than those released a few years back. A list of compatible devices is not shared by Facebook, so you must try using every possible way in order to find which one works the best for you. We recommend using the latest version app, along with a device with 2 cameras.

Final Words

So, this is all the Facebook 3D photos feature and how you can use it to share stunning images on the network. One does not have to use a specific Facebook enable 3D photo option to begin using this feature. We have shared every possible information about the 3D photos on Facebook, and we hope you are able to use it now.

Any questions related to this feature are welcome, and you can keep visiting Danial Tech Blog to know more about the recent changes made to this feature. Although it is a very unique feature, it won’t be really helpful to many. Also, you’ll need a depth image while sharing it from Windows and MAC PC devices.

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