How To Change Airtel WiFi Password | Airtel Broadband Password

If you want to change Airtel modem password, then you are at the right place. We will recommend you change WiFi password Airtel broadband often as it is a good security practice and to keep your network secure. The Airtel router default password will be written on the back side of your router, but if you have configured a custom password, then you need to reset it manually. If you don’t know how to change Airtel WiFi password, you need not worry because we’ve got you covered. If you think your Airtel broadband username and password are being used by too many devices, you can simply do an Airtel password change of WiFi to get rid of unwanted devices off your network.

How To Change Airtel WiFi Password

Here in this post, we are going to tell you how to change WiFi password in Airtel broadband. It doesn’t matter if you want to do an Airtel WiFi password reset or how to change Airtel mifi password; you can follow these methods. We have seen many people out there searching for how to change WiFi password Airtel, so we come up with these methods for Airtel dongle password change. You don’t have to be a tech-savvy person to do a WiFi password change Airtel as it can be done by anyone. Moreover, you can follow the same methods to change WiFi password of almost any service provider. So, let’s get started with Airtel WiFi change password.

How To Change Airtel WiFi Password [2 Methods]

Airtel Broadband Password Change Using The App

If you are able to do an Airtel router login with the Airtel Thanks App, then you can easily do Airtel 4G hotspot password change. You need to download and install the latest version of the Airtel Thanks App from the app store on your mobile device (Android or iOS). Once done, log in with the same mobile number on which you have your Airtel WiFi connection (important). Once done, simply follow the steps mentioned below to learn how to change my Airtel WiFi password.

  • Open Airtel Thanks App.
  • Find the landline or fibre connection card from the top.
Airtel App Cards
  • A new page will appear on your screen.
  • Find the Manage Services option and click on it.
Airtel App Manage Services
  • Now, click on the Change Wi-Fi Password option.
Change Wi Fi Password Airtel App
  • You can enter the WiFi Name and Password here.
  • Just enter the required information and click on Submit.
Change Airtel WiFi Password

This is how to change Airtel dongle password on mobile, and it implies both the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. If you want a separate password for each frequency, then you will need to follow the Airtel broadband router login method mentioned below.

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Change WiFi Password Airtel Using The Router

If you are not able to change Airtel WiFi password by following the method mentioned above, then you can follow this second method. You will need a PC and a browser to follow this method. When you are ready with both, start following the steps mentioned below to learn how to change Airtel broadband WiFi password using the computer.

NOTE: You need to connect your computer to the router either via LAN or WiFi (no need for the internet).

  • First of all, open your browser and type the following address in the web browser.

  • Enter “admin” (without quotes) as username and password.
  • Click on Login to view the settings related to your router.
Airtel Router Login
  • Click on the Wireless (2.4Ghz) or Wireless (5Ghz) according to your needs.
Wireless Network Selection
  • If you want to change Airtel WiFi name, then you can enter it in the SSID Name field.
  • To change Airtel WiFi password, enter your new password in the WPA Key.
Change Airtel WiFi Password
  • Finally, click on the Save button to make changes to your network.

This is how to change Airtel broadband password. We will recommend you use the WPA2 encryption version for the 2.4Ghz and WPA2-AES for the 5Ghz version for better security. We hope now you know how to change WiFi password for Airtel broadband and you are able to do it. If you are still confused about how to change my Airtel broadband WiFi password then you can visit the official Airtel website to check the instructions.

FAQs Related To Airtel Dongle Password Change

How Can I Know My Airtel WiFi Password?

If you have not set up a custom Airtel WiFi password, then check your SMS regarding activation. It has all the necessary information. You can alternatively check the bottom of the router for passwords or visit the app to check your password.

How To Change Password In Airtel 4G Hotspot?

Connect to your Airtel 4G hotspot from your mobile or laptop. Open in your browser. Click Settings -> WLAN -> WLAN Basic Settings. Under the SSID option, you will find WPA-Pre Shared Key. This is your Airtel 4G WiFi password, and if you wish, then you can change it too.

How Do I Reset My Home WiFi Password?

You can use the address in your web browser. Then log in with your router username and password. Open the Security or Settings menu and look for the Password option. Either click on Reset to set it to default or set your own custom password. This is how to change broadband password of any company.

How To Reset Airtel Broadband Password?

If you understood how to reset Airtel WiFi password with the methods mentioned above, you can follow the same methods to change Airtel broadband password too. You just need to do an Airtel broadband admin login from a web browser, and you are good to go.

Final Words

So, this is all about how to change Airtel WiFi password through mobile and PC. We hope you are able to Airtel router password using these methods. You can follow the same steps to change Airtel xStream password. Still, if you are unable to change Airtel WiFi password, then you can ask us for help via the comments below.

We will keep updating this post with more methods to change Airtel zero touch WiFi password, so keep visiting Danial Tech Blog to know about it. After the Airtel WiFi password change online, we will recommend you do a complete Airtel broadband setup and note down your Airtel WiFi password somewhere to keep it safe.

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